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Taiwan has become the most dangerous area in the world because communist dictator Xi Jinping is preparing a war to take Taiwan back. 2024 Republic of China presidential election will decide who is Xi's adversary and whether World War III breaks out. From 2024 to 2028, it will be the most dangerous period when World War III breaks out in Taiwan.  In order for you to follow the most important election in the world, our “China’s Political Reform” team will regularly present the elections news to you. Today, it’s the first analysis.

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Who will be Xi Jinping's adversary? 2024 Republic of China presidential election https://youtu.be/k8tia-f7MQ4

The Books Advance Democracy  https://youtu.be/-ofVWhk2RaM

Citizens perfect themselves and society progresses  https://youtu.be/Jgf10hpelm0

Confucian democracy and humanism freedom and personality https://youtu.be/oSvTvYVPOBI

US-China war over Taiwan | The sublime ideal of the Republic of China https://youtu.be/Nl8AVF6d9sg

Confucianism and Humanistic Democracy - People Come First – Mencius - democratization in China  https://youtu.be/AHpFxr0J3G4

US-China war over Taiwan | Democracy of the Five-Power Constitution https://youtu.be/GT7ES0hAQcY

Ma Ying-jeou’s trip - The Return of the Republic of China https://youtu.be/n6DtcMrt8jY

Legal relationship between Taiwan and China https://youtu.be/GkYozYMoNfY

How many Taiwanese identify as Chinese? https://youtu.be/K7zX_Eb3pkA

Confucian beliefs and secularism | humanistic democracy   https://youtu.be/j252WknGLaU

US-China war over Taiwan | What percentage of Taiwanese want to be independent? https://youtu.be/UhU8AbcVEAw

Understanding Confucian liberalism | humanistic democracy https://youtu.be/H-UpRdZwX10

Communism is going, Confucianism remains https://youtu.be/MUYTKhwc_rM

Is Taiwan part of China? The big paradox | US-China war  https://youtu.be/UZDYy9JefRg

The people desire, Heaven follows Discover traditional Chinese democracy https://youtu.be/mkCVdti_FjQ

The CCP has died! Everybody wake up! The Revolution is beginning https://youtu.be/lEzEo8TzqHY

China 2023 ! The Revolution will go on! https://youtu.be/4_tjD9dqo2s

Communism is not China ! Understanding the real Confucian Democratic China ! https://youtu.be/tmRJT-oJUwg

Xi Jinping, step down! For democracy ! For Freedom ! The Revolution broke out in China ! Shanghai https://youtu.be/LCbTfUABFDc

Sun Yat-sen: The only man who can stop a Third World War https://youtu.be/xQorpa_05ag

Chinese democracy/Principles of the model of humanistic democracy https://youtu.be/xQorpa_05ag

The Plan for democratizing China https://youtu.be/jnseUTnpzo8


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