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But he's not really scared. Because he also found that the majority of protesters only wanted the abandonment of zero Covid policy and not his resignation. If he had not given in to this type of protesters and had maintained his policy, this majority would has become another majority who would has asked him to resign. It would have been a real political crisis that would have threatened his power.

     However, if he backs down, he could divide the protesters into two different or even opposing groups: moderate protesters who do not ask for his resignation and solid protesters who ask him to leave. Then, with changing circumstances and the propaganda of the communist machines, Xi Jinping may succeed in producing conflict within the protesters themselves and pit them against each other. Finally, he will be able to control the situation and punish the protesters one by one.

    As a western proverb says: “divide and rule policy”. In Chinese, we use another expression :“鹬蚌相争,渔翁得利” (Yù bàng xiāng zhēng, yúwēng dé lì). It means: “when the heron and the oyster are at grips, it is the fisherman who benefits.” Xi wants to be that fisherman.

    So, Xi's concession is both a victory for the Chinese people and a trap for the Democratic protesters. Revolution can never establish a democratic regime in one go. It is a movement with successive waves like the tide. We are only at the first wave attacking communist totalitarianism.

    My dear friends,

    I invite you to support my Chinese fellows’ fight for freedom, and to pay attention to the young protesters persecuted and disappeared because of the CCP police. As your first actions, please share, like, comment on our videos and subscribe to our channel. Thank you very much ! For democracy !



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