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2022 is not 1989 ! The Revolution will go on! Democratizing China Confucianism Humanistic Democracy

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Communism is not China ! Understanding the real Confucian Democratic China ! https://youtu.be/tmRJT-oJUwg

Xi Jinping, step down! For democracy ! For Freedom ! The Revolution broke out in China ! Shanghai https://youtu.be/LCbTfUABFDc

Sun Yat-sen: The only man who can stop a Third World War https://youtu.be/xQorpa_05ag

Chinese democracy/Principles of the model of humanistic democracy https://youtu.be/xQorpa_05ag

The Plan for democratizing China https://youtu.be/jnseUTnpzo8

China's democratization determines the destiny of all mankind Without democratic China, mankind cannot escape a Third World War.

Democratize China is the vocation of our team. Western democracy is in crisis. We should use humanistic democracy to democratize China and create a new model of democracy for mankind.

Tao Yun, team leader, was born in Shanghai in 1974 and graduated from Jiao-tong University in Shanghai and the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in Paris. 19 years ago, he was a director in the government of Shanghai. 15 years ago, on a China political reform mission, he came to France to study democracy, and seek an appropriate path to democratize China.

The members of our team are committed, experienced reformers, each specializing in a different area inside and outside the ruling party.

Expel Communism, Restore China, Achieve Democratic Reform, and Build The Union of all mankind together!


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Source : 公視新聞網 : https://youtu.be/f-FfcRWN9q0 武漢學生撐傘抗議校方防疫 南京學生集會要求返鄉 雅虎香港 Yahoo Hong Kong: https://youtu.be/WD5e7psrSH0 陸「白紙革命」全球延燒 倫敦、東京、雪梨多地聲援 北京、上海加強管控

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