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  This is the simulation of the first press briefing held by the new Chinese government spokesperson.


  1.  英文版;  2. 中文版;  3. 专业要点评析。


英文版  English version

Q Question from an American journalist:

  What do you think about America?

A Answer of the Chinese government spokesperson:

Such a question reminds me of my best friend Aurora, Aurora Thomas. We were classmates at Columbia University, and she now serves as a New York State Assembly member. In 2020, I participated in her official campaign.

However, before that, we were almost adversaries when we first met in the class. We argued often, defending our respective national reputations as if we were in the Senate of the Roman Republic.

But one day when I was discriminated against by classmates for my partisan identity, she stood up and firmly fought back for me. I was deeply touched. To express my gratitude, I invited her to make dumplings and celebrate the Chinese New Year together. She was very interested in writing the Spring Festival couplets with a Chinese calligraphy brush and tried to learn to write the Chinese character “human-being”, which pronounced as “ren” in Chinese. We talked a lot that night and shared our views on democracy and reform. Since then, we have understood each other and have been very good friends.

In the summer vacation in 2018, Aurora guided me to many American cities and historic sites. We talked about Thomas Paine, a real revolutionary whose thought has been shelved by the Americans, but we know his ideas are highly significant for the future political reform of the USA. At the grave of Dr. Martin Luther King JR. in Atlanta, Georgia, Aurora told me that Deng Xiaoping laid a wreath here during his visit to the United State in February 1979.

The next year, in the summer of 2019, Aurora and I traveled around Taiwan of China. We watched the Confucian Worship in the Taipei Confucius Temple. She told me that she likes a particular saying of Confucius very much: “the rules of Heaven run parallel without going against each other, and all things can live together without harming each other.” In Chinese we say: “万物并育而不相害道并行而不相悖.”

I think Aurora represents the spirit of the USA——justice, inclusiveness, charisma. As a Chinese saying goes: “A great man respects great diversity, just as that the vast ocean accommodates all rivers.” In Chinese we say: “海纳百川有容乃大.”I think that belief is why the USA is the most developed and influential country in the world. The United States of America is a wonderful teacher to China.  

We are and have been important cooperative friends to each other. At critical moments in history, we have always been allies in the consideration of all of mankind’s interests. This has been continued tradition for 80 years.  

During World War IIfor world peace and the freedom of all peoples, we fought together. Our friendship is based on our sacrifice of blood and lives.  

In 1979, we rebuilt that friendship and formally established diplomatic relations to confront the Communist threat of the Soviet Union.  

In the following 40 years, we have increasingly cooperated in economic and cultural exchanges, as well as combating climate change and other emergencies, and both of us are irreplaceable in global security affairs.  

2500 years ago, Confucius said: A forty-year-old man should be wise and no longer be confused by anything. “四十不惑”which we say in Chinese. It has been more than 40 years since China and the United States established diplomatic relations. I believe that both sides want to be as mature and open-mind as 40-years-old wise men, and hope to avoid war, to look forward, to keep up development trends. As the top two biggest countries, we believe the more we work together, the better the world will be.


中文版   Chinese version

Q 美国记者提问  你怎么看待美国





2018年暑假,奥罗拉带我游历了诸多美国城市和古迹。我们谈到托马斯·潘恩(Thomas Paine),一个真正的革命者,他的思想已经被美国人束之高阁,但我们知道,他的思想对未来美国的政治改革具有重要意义。在佐治亚州亚特兰大市的马丁·路德金墓前,奥罗拉告诉我说,邓小平在1979 2月访美期间,曾到此敬献花圈。










        1. We argued often, defending our respective national reputations as if we were in the Senate of the Roman Republic.The Senate of Roman Republic: 

        罗马共和国的元老院。此处将大学课堂与 “罗马共和国元老院” 作比,是考虑到美国以现代罗马为荣为傲的信仰情节。对美发言首先要能够最大程度上引起美国人的心理认同和精神共鸣。罗马元老院在共和和帝国时代都有,这里精确指出共和时代的元老院,就是要告诉美国人,中国对民主共和制度的坚定信仰,也提醒美国要做共和国,而不是搞帝国主义。

         2. Aurora told me that Deng Xiaoping laid a wreath here during his visit to the United State in February 1979.


         3. Aurora and I traveled around Taiwan of China.

         小组讨论时,美国人建议删掉“of China”,因为美国公众认为,台湾虽然种族和文化上和中国大陆同文同种是Chinese,但并不隶属China。可见,美国出兵保卫台湾是有可靠民意基础的,这也是西方主流民意共识。我们应该认清此一严峻现实,以此为基础做决策。有些媒体及专家,如果继续自欺欺人,必成民族罪人,而且就在其有生之年。成蹊同学作为政府发言人,则必须强调台湾是China的一部分。立场要坚定,方式上要体现王者风范,而不是霸道。

4. In Chinese we say: "万物并育而不相害道并行而不相悖."

此处选用万物并育而不相害,道并行而不相悖” ,是要说明:中美在价值观方面,远多于。且应求同存异,这就是普世价值。准确地说:世俗化而尊重信仰自由的古代中国才是普世价值第一个真正的提倡者。儒家思想是人类历史上第一个成熟的具有普世价值的思想系统。

          5. As a Chinese saying goes: A great man respects great diversity, just as that the vast ocean accommodates all rivers.


       6. The United States of America is a wonderful teacher to China.


       7. I believe that both sides want to be as mature and open-mind as 40-years-old wise men, and hope to avoid war.

       “to avoid war”的初版为“to break the Thucydides Trap”,即打破修昔底德陷阱。小组讨论后决定弃而不用。因为此理论只是部分精英的凡尔赛说法,在美国民众中的知晓率和接受度均不高,学术界本身也没有共识,故改为避免战争。两个意义:第一,简单直白说服公众。第二,忽视该名词以打击美学术话语霸权。



1. 不懂国际舆情,完全忽略国际受众之感受,传播效果负面。

2. 不懂主要对手美国,既怼不过美国精英,又不重视美国公众,导致化友为敌

3. 不懂公共外交和政治传播,发言形式与内容没有与时俱进,还不解放思想进行彻底改革,无法在国际上树立值得信赖又可爱亲近的中国形象。











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